[ppa] mailing list created

James Cameron quozl of us dert netrek dert org
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 09:47:50 +1100


You have been BCC'd on this message because you wrote to me for help
with PPA, the prepaid accounting system that I created.  There are 20
of you on the BCC.

I've created a mailing list for users of PPA.  On this list we will talk
about PPA and help each other:

	- how suitable PPA is to certain situations,
	- download and installation advice,
	- problems with specific Linux distributions,
	- performance problems,
	- customising,
	- suggestions for improvement.

To subscribe, visit the list information page:


You may not want to subscribe if you ended up not using PPA at your
site.  If so, my apologies for disturbing you.

James Cameron