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Order Queue Display

Network Programming
A shop or event display node with multicast capability, for use at a village barbeque or bistro, written in Python and Pygame.

Think of a node with a keyboard, and any number of nodes without keyboard, connected via network. The operator types a message, which appears on their node during composition, then when the commit key (TAB) is pressed the message appears on all other nodes.

Additional features:

  • messages are automatically sized to fit the available screen dimensions,
  • multi-line messages are possible, type Enter between lines,
  • editable history of previous messages, using the up and down arrow keys, in the style of a shell,
  • any node can be a master, all it takes is a keyboard,
  • nodes that are alive are listed on a master node, and if a node goes missing, it will fail to appear,
  • displays can be mounted upside down, inversion is by command line option or by keyboard control on the display node,
  • special control keys for reboot, poweroff, runlevel change, re-executing.

(19 October 2007)